Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I just posted a few new designs that I created. I also stated that I didn't take any inspiration from my trip to Ottawa. Well, subconsciously I did! While in Ottawa I came across a wonderful magazine store with a lovely section of gifts. I bought a set of sticky notes. After I posted my new designs below, they reminded me of the sticky notes. This is the pattern on them. Bah! So much for originality.


  1. isn't every new idea a riff on something that has happened before? As in, "there is nothing new under the sun?"
    I mean "wow, do you ever know who to take inspiration from" not, "man, are you ever a rip-off artist."
    Got it?

  2. Originally I started out with just small dandelions, wanting them floating in the air. Then I wanted to try them all in a row. Lastly I decided to make the background yellow to get the overall feel of a yellow field of dandelions. Once I posted them on my blog I thought "Wait, this looks familiar."

    I might try canola now.