Thursday, December 16, 2010

I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just won a $2000 shopping spree to Southgate Centre!!!! How exciting! I won it from 95.7 The Sound, my new favorite radio station:)

Lois, this was just like the time we won that huge gift basket from Holts. I was in Southgate this morning and saw 95.7 The Sound with a booth and a little sign that said "Win a $1000 shopping spree" so of course I entered. They told me they would be calling the winner at 6pm and if the caller knew their tagline "Good music is good music" they would win a $2000 shopping spree. I said 6pm worked for me, I'd be home feeding my children. Then at about 5:50 PM I was about to put my kids in the bath but then remembered I was going to get that winning call at 6PM, so I waited.   My phone rang at 6PM, I answered and said "Good music is good music" and the rest is history!!!

Funny side note - I had never heard of this radio station before, but it actually plays decent music, playing Dog Days are Over right now.

Oh, and now I can go buy that arc lamp I saw this morning :)

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  1. I am cracking up at their tagline: "Good music is good music"?!!! Really? At least it was easy to remember and YOU WON!!!!!