Saturday, March 9, 2013

What's a mother to do?

Right now, I should be cleaning my house. I don't keep a spotless house, then fret that I need to be cleaning all the time. Nope, I leave mine until I HAVE to clean, which is today.

As I was "cleaning" I came across 3 mini collages I made about 8 years ago. They were made before I had children, but obviously the role of wife and mother was on my mind.

These were made on a pre-parent weekend when I had nothing to do. Nothing. My husband and I had recently moved from Edmonton, Alberta to Madison, Wisconsin. We didn't know anybody. I spent a full day puttering around with my crafts and made these. I miss those days.

I found these the day after International Woman's Day. The day after I saw Miss Representation. Years after I became a mother. The same week I joined Weight Watchers. A time when I struggle to juggle family and career and ask for advice from others every chance I get.

Note: When these were first made the manufacturer of one of the products I used was accepting artist submissions of art people had made with their products. I submitted all three of my pieces, one was selected. Can you guess which one? Not the most creative or visually appealing. The one that was not "controversial"which is the second collage. The collage about weight was selected, not the collage about being a wife or mother.  

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  1. I remember these! I didn't know you'd lost them (maybe in your office-heap ), but I'm happy that you've found them. The last one is my favourite.