Sunday, February 3, 2013

DIY Fur Purse

I crafted this fur purse out of a vintage fur coat sleeve and an old purse. A pair of scissors, wood glue and 15 min was all it took. I didn't have much hope that my DIY fur purse would actually turn out, but it did and I couldn't me more thrilled!
Step 1
Find an oh-so-awesome vintage fut coat at your local thrift store for $30. Buy it even though you have no idea what you'll do with it.

Step 2
Find an old purse or handbag, possibly the purse you bought for your wedding at 11 years earlier at a liquidation sale. Cut off the sleeve of your vintage fur coat. 
Step 3 (optional)
This purse had metal nobs at the bottom. I didn't want to cover them up, so I decided to whole punch the fur. I needed to know exactly where to punch the wholes, luckily I had an ink pad close by. I inked the bottom of my purse and stamped the location for the wholes. I used my favourite Martha Stewart Screw Punch. It cut through the leather like butter. 
Step 4
I used wood glue (since that's what I had on hand) to attach the bottom of your purse to the center of the fur. Once I had the bottom glued, I trimmed the fur to the size I needed. I turned the edge under slightly to give it a nice edge and glued the sides on.
Step 5
The sides of my purse were a little tricky, but it's basically just like wrapping a present. Fold and glue. Be careful not to get an glue on the fur.
Step 6
You're done! Time to start thinking of all the other things you can DIY with the rest of your fur coat.  
This blog post was originally posted on my CHILDish blog. It doesn't belong there though, it belongs here. 

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