Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mid Century Modern Couch

For over six years I have been searching high and low for a teak Mid Century Modern Couch. I've found a bunch, but they were either in terrible shape or crazy expensive, $3000+.

Shortly before Christmas I came across what I called "the worlds ugliest couch". It was at a local antique mall in a packed booth and the back was against the wall. I only noticed the teak leg because I was looking down at my daughter. The frame was in excellent condition, but the upholstery was ugly. Not ugly cool, just ugly.

The price was right though, $450. I figured I could live with the uglyness until we could afford to have it re-upholstered. A few days later I finally got the couch home, as we were carrying it in I notice a sliver of cream upholstery underneath. Within an hour I had every inch of the ugly upholstery removed and the original upholstery was underneath! The couch is now known as the Christmas miracle.

It's from the 1950s and is made my France & Son of Denmark.

Side note 1 I happened to be at the same antique mall just two months after I purchased my teak couch. I came across this couch, same age, maker, condition and very similar style. The only difference is that my couch as upholstered arms, this one has wood arms. But this couch had a price tag of $1700. :) 

Side note 2 - I found the brown leather chair in the photo above at Goodwill about 5 yrs ago. There were two of them that I purchased for a total of $75, yup $35 each. As soon as I saw them I started yelling at anyone who was in the area "These are mine! I am buying these!! They are mine, I can only carry one at a time, but I'll be back in 1 min to carry the second one. I am paying for them now. These are mine!" Once I arrived a few minutes too late to see someone carrying out super cool retro-modern lawn chairs. I ran after him to see if he was buying all of them. He looked at me and said "These are mine! I am buying them, all of them!" He got them for a steal, $6 each vs $100 each as I've seen them in antique stores.

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