Monday, August 30, 2010

50% off shopping

There are very few things in life I like more than getting a good deal. I feel the same about finding something that is old, used and dusty only to realize it's a gem. Today I got both!

Value Village had everything 50% today, I waited patiently until the kids were asleep and my husband was home so that I could catch the last hour of this 14 hr sale. Good thing there were still many hidden gems to be found!

I stared at these canisters for a long time, not knowing what I should do (they were excluded from the sale and cost $15 for the set). Once I got them home I knew this was where they were meant to be. These were made in Canada and are hand painted. Super cute mushrooms with little snails on top. They work perfectly with the colours in my kitchen, even the orange accent. The only reason I hesitated in purchasing them is that I hate mushrooms!

Another gem, an original Vera metallic gold silk screened napkin. Cost me .50 cents, but don't tell anyone.

Oodles and oodles of vintage napkins. Most of them are linen, in a variety of colours; brown, orange, pink, baby blue, green... I am going to have fun screening patterns on these. You can also see some doilies in the box, thought I'd try screen printing on them, just to see.

I picked up a grab bag that included a set of vintage flash cards. It wasn't until I got home and opened the box that I saw these illustrations! Perfect for screen printing. My favorite is the cowboy and Indian card...

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  1. Nice score! I love the mushroom jars and the vintage flash cards! Why don't I ever find great things like this when I'm at VV?