Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cafe Press

I've been searching online to figure out how I could order some mugs printed with my designs. When I start creating patterns that I like, I want to print them onto something right away!

After a while of searching I found a place I can print mugs and water bottles. The nice thing is that I can order 1 or 2, but if I order over 15, then I would get bulk pricing (basically half). This makes me happy because I can order a few items to try it out, but still be able to get a large order through the same supplier at a reduced cost.

Then, as I was searching around their site, I came across a section that talks about being able to open your own shop and sell your products. The concept is that people would come to my webstore (that I set up through them) and when people buy items, cafepress prints and ships as needed. Very very interesting. So far all I've seen is an example of shirts, but there is potential for something good.

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